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BACT Engineering

One(1) Used, Surplus BACT Engineering 100,000 CFM Two-Module Bag House Type Dust Collector Systems, Model (2) BP-770-14-14W, New in 1996/ Complete Rebuild by BACT Engineering in 2007

Total Filter Area-34,570 sq.ft. Cloth [17,285 per module]

Air-To-Cloth Ratio @ 100,000 CFM is 2.9:1

770 Filter Bags/module 1540 Total Bags (each 14'long)


a complete Set of Used Nomex Filter Bags

Complete Set of Galvanized #12 Wire Cages

Automatic Pulse Clean System/Allen-Bradley Microprocessor Controls

Rated operating temperatures:

Normal-250 deg.F, Maximum-400 deg.F

Walk-In clean Air Service Plenums

Insulated Dirty Air Plenum & Hopper Sections

Trough Type Hopper Design / Screw Conveyors & Transfer Augers

Hopper Level Dirty Air Inlets/Abrasion Resistant Deflection Baffles

Access Ladder to Service Platforms Including Hand Rails

Connecting Duct to Blower/Dampers at the Clean Air Plenum

Exhaust Stack/ Access Ladders-Platforms & Emission Test Ports

Tribo-Guard Broken Bag Detection System

Incoming Dirty Air Duct Sections/Breakout Duct to Collector Inlets...BACT Spark Arrestor (Installed in 2007)

BACT Lime Injection System(Installed New in 2007) includes Insulated Silo & Feed System

SULLAIR 75 Hp Air Compressor, Dryer & Holding Tank

Steel Support Structure

Twin City Blower-Size 660 BCS-SW Direct Drive to 500 Hp Motor

Capacity Range from 70,000 CFM @ 16"SP to 150,000 CFM @ 14.8"SP

Please note this Blower is fitted with a Frequency Controller on the 500Hp motor & it could easily be adjusted to provide much higher CFM if required.

This System was originally installed in 1996 at an Ohio Plant & was in operation until this plant closed.

In 2007 the Dust Collector System was moved to a new facility in Indiana where a complete rebuild was performed by BACT Engineering.

Work included:

Cleaning & Repainting inside & out, instillation of Lime Injection System

Inline Spark Arrestor

New Compressed Air System

New Allen-Bradley PLC Control & a Variable Frequency Drive for the Blower


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