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Now Liquidating a complete Disamatic 2070 line and sand system from a major automotive manufacturer
disamatic 2070 disamatic 2070 disamatic 2070 disamatic 2070
disamatic 2070 disamatic 2070 disamatic 2070 disamatic 2070
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Liquidation of a complete Disamatic model 2070 molding line       SOLD
with self supporting sand system and finishing equipment.
The line is in operation and will be available July, 2012.
It can be seen under power by contacting our office and scheduling an appointment.


The equipment is divided into 4 major areas

The equipment in area 1 consists of the complete sand system

  • support structures
  • sand silos and live bottom
  • feeders
  • belt conveyors
  • bucket elevators
  • G/K fluidized bed sand cooler
  • Eirich dwv29 muller
  • Hartley compactability
  • sand transporters
  • screw feeders
  • G/K conveyors
  • all controls

The equipment in area 2 consists of the complete Disamatic 2070 molding line

  • pipe belt conveyor
  • belt conveyors
  • surge hoppers
  • Disamatic 2070A molding machine with core setter and pattern changer
  • new controls 2008
  • PMC conveyor
  • AMC conveyor
  • 7.5 ton pressure pour furnace
  • all controls

The equipment in area 3 consists of the finishing equipment

  • 17- G/K and Carrier oscillating conveyors
  • Didion MD100 rotary media drum
  • Pangborn 4gr-4.5 barrel blast machine
  • Fanuc m410i robot

The equipment in area 4 consists of 2- Seneca pulse type dust collectors and pelletizing system

  • Seneca 85,000 cfm
  • Seneca 70,000 cfm
  • complete pelletizing system with controls

Over $750,000.00 in spare parts for this equipment.
All equipment has been continuously upgraded and is in excellent condition.


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