U-Series Shell Core Mold Machines

Safe, easy, shell core removal is made possible by the swinging door design. When the door opens at the end of the cycle, the attendant is facing the heater plate for core removal – there is no heater plate behind him. He never needs to put his hand or body in the heated area between core box halves. Either right or left hand opening doors are available in all three models to permit greater efficiency when an attendant handles more than one machine. Operation is simple, safe and economical since the cycle is completely automatic.

Shalco foundrymen faced with the problem of producing large, heavy cores can take full advantage of the benefits inherent in the shell core-making process. The Shalco U-360 was developed specifically to cut the cost of big castings… has already proved itself in foundries around the world. It’s a rugged machine, built to deliver long trouble-free service under the most demanding operating conditions; yet it offers the same precision and operating smoothness found in medium and small-size units.

HEATER PLATE CAPACITY:Gas Model 36" x 44" horizontal
(914mm x 1118mm) (348 blast tips)
CORE BOX DEPTH:(Max. across parting line)NOTE: Max. core box must be checked for swing clearanceGas Model 18" max. - 8" min. (457mm) (208mm)
CORE BOX WEIGHT (MAXIMUM):On ram heater plate 2,500 lb. (1,135 kg)On door heater plate 2,000 lb. (908 kg)
SAND MAGAZINE BLOW AREA:Standard 8" x 17-1/2" (203mm x 816mm)Water-cooled blow plate 6-3/8" x 30-1/2" (162mm x 775mm)
SAND MAGAZINE CAPACITY:370 lbs. (168 kg)
COMPRESSED AIR (Per ANSI/CGA G7.1 Specifications-1989):Minimum pressure at machine 80 PSI (5.44 atmospheres)Consumption 12.3 SCF/cycleConsumption (gas combustion) 10,000 SCFH Approximately
WATER (For water-cooled blow plate – option):Consumption Approximately 2 GPM.
GAS :(Natural gas @ 1,000 BTU/Cu. Ft.)Pressure at machine 8 oz./sq. in. (0.034 Bars)Average consumption 676 CFH (19 CMPH)
ELECTRICAL:Standard voltage 230/460 volt, 3 ph., 60 HzAverage power required (machine only) 12.3 kW
DIMENSIONS:84-1/4”w x 103"d x 102-1/2"h
NET WEIGHT:10,000 lbs. (4,536 Kg)
IMPORTANT NOTE: The consumption figures are based on a standard machine with normal options.