We offer complete appraisal services that can be used for the valuation of your capital assets. Whether you need to obtain financing or are thinking of liquidating, we offer you expert appraisal services for a reasonable fee.

Sometimes an orderly liquidation of assets is not the best way to handle a sale. For those times we work with experienced auctioneers and are able to offer expeditious auction sales.

There are times when a foundry needs to down size, or decides to close it's operations and an orderly liquidation of assets is the best choice of turning surplus equipment into capital. We are very experienced in doing the inventory, marketing, advertising and on site sales in this situation. With our web site we offer a target marketed email service, as well as a dedicated area for recent liquidations.

There are times when a trade is what a foundry desires. We are always open to listen to suggestions. If you have a machine you feel you do not need and feel it has some value towards the trade for one you do need, do not hesitate to ask.

We are ready to buy your good quality surplus equipment. We will consider one piece or an entire plant.

We offer complete rebuilding services of machinery. If you prefer your used foundry equipment be in refurbished condition prior to taking possession, just ask us for a price quote and time estimate.

Of course we sell used foundry machinery & equipment. If you need it, we have it or will try to find it. We offer a varied stock of our own inventory, as well as consigned equipment. Feel free to send us your surplus equipment via email. We will then list it for you on our web site. If you have a need for equipment you do not see listed on our web site, please email us and we will try to obtain the item on your behalf.

We have available to us outside sources that are ready willing and able to finance your equipment purchases. Feel free to discuss your needs with us, it may be an opportune way for you to get that capital equipment you need.