U-Series Shell Core Mold Machines

Safe, easy, shell core removal is made possible by the swinging door design. When the door opens at the end of the cycle, the attendant is facing the heater plate for core removal – there is no heater plate behind him. He never needs to put his hand or body in the heated area between core box halves. Either right or left hand opening doors are available in all three models to permit greater efficiency when an attendant handles more than one machine. Operation is simple, safe and economical since the cycle is completely automatic.

“Shalcomatic” totally mechanized Model U-900 machines are used to produce a wide range of precision shell cores/molds on a mass production basis. No operator is required. Finished cores/molds are automatically and gently ejected onto the flexible conveyor belt of the machine for removal by an attendant for immediate transfer into the main cross-conveyor system for distribution.
Complete flexibility is provided to accommodate a variety of shell cores or molds to suite every foundry requirement. Individual thermostatic temperature controls on each heater plate…timers for blow,invest, cure, and rock cycles.
All machine motions fully automatic…At the completion of the cure time the core is retained in the movable half of the core box. Core box then rotates 90 degrees and ejects cores onto a conveyor raised into a receiving position.
Conveyor retracts to original level and delivers cores to the attendant.

HEATER PLATE CAPACITY:Gas Model 29" x 20" (737mm x 508mm) (77 blast tips)
CORE BOX DEPTH:(Max. across parting line)20” (508mm)
CORE BOX WEIGHT (MAXIMUM):On ram heater plate 1,000 lbs. (454 Kg)On door heater plate 1,000 lbs. (454 Kg)
SAND MAGAZINE BLOW AREA:Standard 27” x 5-1/2" (686mm x 140mm)
COMPRESSED AIR (Per ANSI/CGA G7.1 Specifications-1989):Minimum pressure at machine 70 PSI (4.76 atmospheres)Consumption (machine only) 4.5 SCF/cycleConsumption (machine only-peak demand) 1,800 SCFH (50 CMPH)Consumption (gas combustion) 4,000 SCFH maximum (112 CMPH)
WATER: Required accessory4 gal./min. at 15 ft./second (15.12 Liters/m at 4.58 m/second)
GAS :(Natural gas @ 1,000 BTU/Cu. Ft.)Pressure at machine 8 oz./sq. in (0.34 atmospheres)Maximum consumption 400 CFH (11 CMPH)Average consumption 300 CFH (8 CMPH)
ELECTRICAL:Standard voltage 230/460 volt, 3 ph., 60 HzMaximum power required (machine only) 9.5 Kw
NET WEIGHT:10,000 lbs. (4,536 Kg)
IMPORTANT NOTE: The consumption figures are based on a standard machine with normal options.
SCFH = Standard cubic feet per hour of free air.